The company was founded and has been registered in Czersk on 1 January 2001. At the start the company was located in provided by the „ROMEX” company premises. However, as the company was growing we were forced to look for a bigger place, then in mid 2001 we moved to premises rented to us by a neighbouring company. At this stage , the workshop area available to us was 200 sq m with 1500 sq m of adjacent open area which significantly increased our capabilities and allowed the faster development of our main focus area – HDD drilling.

In 2006 we  purchased a 9000 sq. m premises together with 1000 sq. m workshops and  300 sq. m storage / social buildings, greatly increasing  the range and capabilities which contributed to the further development of the company and allowed for the purchase of new machinery and equipment including plasma / gas  CNC cutter , industrial compressor with complete air system, guillotine, radial drilling machines, MIG welding aggregates and band saws.

In 2012 we bought and launched a sand blasting chamber for cleaning and preparation of our products before painting.
We have the capacity to perform the construction of unit weight up to 10 tons and total production area of 1800 sq. m.

During its existence the company performed work for many clients from various industries :

The shipbuilding industry:
– ventilation and dehumidifying blinds, hot dip zinc coated, painted, made of Stainless steel
– oval and square hatch type B, C, E and others
– box hatches
– pipe supports
– fire fighting equipment, hydrant niches 
– yokes
– double sided threaded rod, hot dip zinc coated and SS
– others

Heating industry – bases for biomass stoves  filled with high temperature resistant concrete.
Offshore industry  – parts of machinery used on oil rigs
Horizontal drilling equipment  – rigs elements used for horizontal drilling under roads and rivers
Transport – container elements (rollers, closures) , trailers elements
Other  – oil tanks, diggers and loaders elements and general services for local people ( fences, metal machining )

Machine park  :
– plasma CNC cutter – up to 20mm thick
– gas CNC cutter – up to 150mm thick
– NC brake press– 160 ton pressure – bending metal plate up to 8mm thick and 3000mm wide
– guillotine  – cutting up to 16mm thick
– steel rollers – up to 8mm thick 2000 mm wide
– eccentric presses – up to 150 ton pressure – 8 pcs.
– semi-automatic welders – up to 500A – 15 pcs.
– radial drilling machines – 5 pcs.
– band saws  – 4 pcs.
– metal machining – max turning diameter – Ø 800 x 6000mm
                                  – max milling size – 1250 x 5000mm
– sandblasting elements up to 8m long

The above description shows only a certain range of our capabilities, that if necessary, we can extend through cooperation with regional companies offering services in the field of laser cutting, CNC milling and turning centres, powder coating.

The advantages of our company are precision of manufacturing , short duration of order processing and low prices. If you would be interested in possible cooperation, please send your inquiry via email or phone directly


Yours sincerely


Sławomir Rompkowski
89-650 Czersk
Starogardzka 108
NIP 555-131-15-08
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tel. +48 52 398 45 45
mobile +48 605 233 998